Building Healthy Families Society is a nonprofit society and registered charity.

The organization was founded by Doug and Lynne Werry in 1988. Building Healthy Families Society provides a variety of services to families in the Central Okanagan.


Self Help Opportunities for Parents: parenting, life skills training & support for parents with children 2 years of age and older
Nurturing Fathers: parenting training and support designed specifically for fathers
Parenting Through Recovery: training and support for mothers in substance abuse recovery
The Zone: conflict resolution and anger management training for youth, children, and their parents
Outreach: a one-on-one in-home support and coaching service.
Anger Management: a non-judgmental, supportive group for adults to assist them in addressing anger and it’s affects.

The services provided by Building Healthy Families Society have been well recognized in the community and throughout the province.

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