“The most important thing we can do is spend time on building a relationship with our children.” ~ Doug Werry (Co-founder 1988)


Our commitment to serving families is the most important work in our organization. We are committed to providing a working environment and culture that places the needs of families above the needs of the organization. We offer many different programs to assist families in the Okanagan.

Parent Support Programs


Offering programs to help parents build healthy lifelong relationships with their children. The interactive parenting and life skills sessions help parents build skills, challenge old habits and develop new ways of coping.

Single Parent Support


Providing single parents with the opportunity to learn new skills for nurturing and healthy communication ~ the foundation of attachment.  We all need to develop skills of understanding, encouragement, warmth and respect.

Family Support


Bad choices make for difficult consequences. Children are often caught in the middle of the crises, left to be parented by grandparents, family or other resources. We provide support for those who step into those difficult situations.